Issue 71

Letter from the Managing Editor



Cindy-Lou Holland

Interview with David Scherrer

Eric Maroney

Uncertain Origins

Karin Lin-Greenberg

Perspective for Artists


Kelly Fine

Shadows and Smoke

Jacqueline Lyons

Look Out, Look Over, Look Past

Melissa Matthewson

As Snow Designs

Suzanne Sigafoos


Maya Jewell Zeller

He Worked as an Electrician. He Enjoyed Television. (His Obituary was Plain.)


Jo Brachman

In the Air

Jessica Rae Bergamino

Falling in Love with the Mad Scientist

How Scientists Speak to Scientists

Fleda Brown

Barred Owl

Jennifer Bullis

Amanda Bubble Crafts a New Creation Story

Clayton Clark

The Laws of Motion

Katharyn Howd Machan

A Seated Figure

Soldiers in the Fog

Caitlin Scarano

Twenty Years

For the Occasion

Kathryn Smith

Two Premonitions

Cast Your Cares Upon Him

All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the Choir

Nikki Zielinski


Time Enough at Last

The Trial

Cover Photo

Cape Flattery by David Scherrer