Contributor Spotlight: Lois Marie Harrod


Novelist Ann Tyler says that she reads so that she can live more than one life in more than one place. I write for the same reason. My character Marlene Mae lives a brash, reckless life, quite unlike my own more careful and calculating existence. I thought I was done with Marlene Mae in 2013 when Dancing Girl Press published the chapbook How Marlene Mae Longs for the Truth, but she (and her mother) just keep on re-appearing in new poems, including “Marlene Mae Talks About Denial” and “Marlene Mae’s Mother Turns Seventy-Six and Her Physician Asks If She Is Still Sexually Active.” Continue Reading

Contributor Spotlight: Tisha Nemeth-Loomis

The poems “Faith’s Other Shapes” and “Her Risk” explore reinvention, and the impossibility of emotional, physical, and relational wholeness in a culture that values fragmentation and isolation.

Writing is my way of being in the world. I am entirely at ease and fully “dialed in” when I am writing. Forming ideas and arranging them on the page is how I make sense of my surroundings and myself. Because of that, I continue to write—it’s never about the outcome as much as it is about the process, and the discoveries I have about myself while I am composing. Continue Reading

Who Will Carry the Pall?

Henry Art Gallery_Ann Hamilton Opening-054

I walked into the Henry on a sunny November afternoon expecting to spend a lot of time there. I was waiting for my companion to get out of a meeting, and that gave me an opportunity as rare as the sunny day: enough time to move through an installation slowly, enough time to read everything. Ann Hamilton’s the common S E N S E is incredibly well-suited to an attentive, curious reader. Words and the act of reading words form a kind of fulcrum for the show’s exploration of what it means to touch and what it means to be a human animal in a world of animals. Continue Reading

Interview with Ron Pattern


While Bellingham Review publishes quality literary work from across the continent, our featured visual artist for the Fall 2014 online edition lives right here in our rainy bay town. In each of his paintings, Ron Pattern honors a locale or scene we know well. It is our pleasure to share his art in this issue so that you, far-flung readers, can picture our place. Continue Reading

Issue 67

Issue 67 - Online

Bellingham Review is pleased to announce the release of Issue 67, Fall 2013. Follow the link for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, a book review, and the work of our featured artist, Terry Nelson. We are especially pleased with this edition and we… Continue Reading

Issue 66

Contents: Volume XXXVI, Issue 66 Brenda Miller Letter from the Editor 2012 Contest Winners 49th Parallel Poetry Award Linda Bierds Judge’s Comments Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis The Bosque Burns on the Feast of John the Baptist Annie Dillard Award for Creative… Continue Reading