Issue 46

46 cover

Volume XXII, No. 2, Issue #46   Tobias Wolff Award Julia Glass, Coat of Many Colors 49th Parallel Poetry Award Robert A Troyer, City in Triptych Annie Dillard Nonfiction Award Donna Steiner, Sleeping with Alcohol   A.W.P. Intro Awards Brian… Continue Reading

Issue 45

45 cover

Volume XXII, No. 1, Issue #45   Nonfiction Symposium Suzanne Paola, Introduction Michael Steinberg, On Nonpoetry Tom Andrews, Memoir Mon Amour Robin Hemley, A Distorting Vision   Essay Brenda Hillman, Keelan’s “City”   Poetry Marcus Cafagna, Out on Bail Marcus… Continue Reading

Issue 44

44 cover

Volume XXI, No. 2, Issue #44   Annie Dillard Award Marie Nasta, Nice Men Tobias Wolff Award Erika Mikkalo, Throwing Stones   Essays Brenda Miller, Season of the Body   Poetry Albert Goldbarth, The Branch Albert Goldbarth, Protein Albert Goldbarth,… Continue Reading

Issue 43

43 cover

Volume XXI, No. 1, Issue #43   49th Parallel Award Suzanne Wise, Autobiography   Essays Rebecca McClanahan, Considering the Lilies Kathleen Tyau, The Rain, Half Falling   Poetry Lucia Perillo, Nixon, Coma Lucia Perillo, In Light of the Absent Constant… Continue Reading

Issue 42


Volume XX, No. 2, Issue #42   Editor’s Notes Robin Hemley 49th Parallel Award George O’Connell, Evening Cremations Tobias Wolff Award Susan Williams, Maggie Annie Dillard Award Elmar Lueth, Houses   Essays Billy Collins, The Secret Game of Poetry Brenda… Continue Reading

Issue 41

41 cover

Volume XX, No. 1, Issue #41   Essays Rebecca McClanahan, Building the Tower Jerome McGann, from Sight to Shenandoah Susan Pointon , Witch Meghan Daum, Variations on Grief   Poetry Al Maginnes, The Currency of Where We’ve Been John Koethe,… Continue Reading