Cover Photo: Water Wall

David Scherrer’s photograph titled Water Wall is featured on the cover of this edition of the Bellingham Review.

A photograph of a child pressing their hand against water falling down a window. The child's hand is in focus, the rest  of the image is blurred by the water.

David Scherrer: We were traveling in Melbourne, Australia, back in January of 2018. The location was at the entrance to the Melbourne Museum of Art. The image was made looking through a window that had water running down on the outside. Mostly children were fascinated with watching the currents of flowing water running around their hands. The only sharp area of the image is where the window is being touched, thus creating an abstract surrounding from my vantage point. A rare unique opportunity to witness the natural effects of liquid movement at the same time as finding a sharp object in the motion’s stream. Emotionally, I felt the image created a sense of separateness with the participant at the glass and the people in the background, as if the child in the foreground was entering through a curtain.

DAVID SCHERRER arrived in the Northwest from the east coast in the early 1970’s. Drawn initially by Huxley College’s Environmental Studies program (at Western Washington University), he soon realized the potential for the integration of media production and environmental education, two areas of study he was passionate about. He completed his undergraduate education at WWU and continues to maintain connection with Western through his photography.