Cover Photo: Shawneetown

David Scherrer’s photograph titled Shawneetown is featured on the cover of this edition of the Bellingham Review.


(Shawneetown by David Scherrer)

David Scherrer: This photo was taken in southern Illinois a year ago, near the Ohio river, where it’s often misty in the morning during the summer. Eventually, the sky opens up to a bright blue with intense heat. Good for growing corn and soybeans. This image represents an early morning walk, tracking through the dew. Farmers build ponds in these parts, for fire protection and relief from the heat with an occasional swim. This area of the country has a feeling of comfort in itself and a deep connection to place. This particular farmstead has been in the same ownership four generations. The present owner is a kind, elderly cousin of mine who recently lost a daughter and his wife. He himself built this pond for many reasons. What you see is a stepladder on the dock that is used to lower oneself to a platform on the water from which one dives into the rejuvenating coolness, which we did later.

DAVID SCHERRER arrived in the Northwest from the east coast in the early 1970’s. Drawn initially by Huxley College’s Environmental Studies program (at Western Washington University), he soon realized the potential for the integration of media production and environmental education, two areas of study he was passionate about. He completed his undergraduate education at WWU and continues to maintain connection with Western through his photography.