In Which I Apologize to Amanda Bubble

by Jennifer Bullis


Amanda, loving,
Bubble, hollow.

Round, like zero,
but three-

Alter- / inner-ego,

to everything outside

and everything within.
Come back to me,

my heart-popped,
pin-pierced girl.

I am the angry god
who abandoned you.

JENNIFER BULLIS is author of the chapbook Impossible Lessons (MoonPath Press). Originally from Reno, she earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of California-Davis and taught community-college composition and literature in Bellingham for 14 years. Her poems and essays appear in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Water~Stone Review, Terrain, Tahoma, and Nasty Women Poets. She is recipient of an Honorable Mention for a lyric essay in the 2017 Gulf Coast Prize for Nonfiction, and her manuscript of persona poems, Wild-Caught Gods, is a finalist for the Moon City Poetry Award.