Contributor Spotlight: Victoria Campbell

13882119_10206756868503837_4742974024638564134_n-1Victoria Campbell’s story, “Noman’s Land is featured in Issue 73 of the Bellingham Review.

What would you like to share with our readers about the work you contributed to the Bellingham Review?

This story is really important to me for a number of reasons, but most specifically because of form. Here, I moved away from more traditionally shaped narratives and started working with vignettes, the style I now most often find myself cleaving to. I see, remember, and interpret the world in images, so a story like this—one told in imagistic fragments—makes much more sense to me and was more organic to craft.

Tell us about your writing life.

I’ve been writing for years. I have an MFA. I work as a copywriter. I’m a fiction editor of a journal. I try, try, try to write for myself every day. About half the time I fail, fail, fail.

Which non-writing aspect of your life most influences your writing?

I believe in the power of place. I like travelling as much as I like coming home.

What writing advice has stayed with you?

Solitude is freedom.

What is your favorite book or essay or poem?

I harbor a deep, abiding admiration for Joyce Carol Oates—I could pick up any of her books and be transported.

What are you reading right now?

Currently wrapping up Leonard Michaels’ collection I Would Have Saved Them If I Could. I’ll be sad to see it end.

What project are you working on now?

I’m still tinkering with my MFA thesis. Ideally, I’d like to considerably up the page count.

Anything else our readers might want to know about you?

I’ll be spending the winter on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. I have never done this before. In fact, I spent the past two years in Florida. Send care packages and wishes for warm weather. If you hear crying drifting across the Atlantic, know it’s me.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

You can connect with me on Twitter @vgcampbell1

VICTORIA CAMPBELL holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Central Florida and serves as Fiction Editor of the Florida Review. Her work has appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Green Mountains Review Online, Blue Earth Review, and Bayou Magazine. She lives and writes on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.