The Kinetic Page: A Symposium

Three years ago, the Bellingham Review transitioned to an online presentation for our fall issue. As I took over last year as editor, one of the things I knew was that I wanted to go beyond the textual page in our online issue, embracing the material, the hybrid, the digital. But how to define the page, this boundary we wished to cross? I contacted four wonderful artists and thinkers—Ander Monson, Deborah Poe, Eric LeMay, and Amaranth Borsuk—to provide both works and commentary on the works that would help me with this question of the page. To kick off this online symposium, I sent my artists a call for response beginning with these words: “What is the page, in the era of digital text, visual poetry, concrete text and book arts? The page absorbs our anxieties as well as our dreams for a well-behaving unit of language.”


SUSANNE PAOLA ANTONETTA is Editor-in-Chief of Bellingham Review.