Issue 70

Contents: Volume XXXVIII, Issue 70

Brenda Miller Saying Goodbye
S. Paola Antonetta Saying Hello

2014 Contest Winners

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Joy Castro Judge’s Comments
Michael William Palmer A Glossary of West Texas

49th Parallel Award for Poetry

Kathleen Flenniken Judge’s Comments
Jackleen Holton Goldfish

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Shawn Wong Judge’s Comments
Tom Howard Temple & Vine


Katrina Hays Poems
Steven McBurnett Photographs



Rob Rich The Spirit of Where We Are
with Katrina Hays and Steven McBurnett


Amy A. Whitcomb A Body in Motion
Molly Spencer Onset
Lynn Tudor Deming Latent
Rebecca Foust Sufferance
Kevin Honold Hermit Moon
Shane Seely We Invite the Bees In
Feeling Good Night and She Is Love
Janet Norman Knox Coursework in Cross-Cultural Relations: The Red Telephone
Coursework in Cross-Cultural Relations: The Scythe Has Hit a Stone
Amy Glynn June, the Janiculum
Leslie Marie Aguilar Set of Circumstances
Allison Linville Now, Hunger
Lisa Megraw Let Me Tell You
At Thirty-Three
Matthew Murrey Kitty Hawk
Leonard Neufeldt Alzheimer’s Resource Finder
Jason Olsen Self-Portrait
Nathan Renie Green Hall
Tobias Wray Penelope in the Garden Humming Bach
Paradise of the Senses, St. Petersburg, FL

Creative Nonfiction

Sonja Livingston Sly Foxes
Rebecca Bald The Watchman, the Bell, and the Body
Whitney Templeton Body Cavities
Kathleen Blackburn In the Time of Forty Letters


Siamak Vossoughi Back and Forth
Becky Hagenston Big Wings
Tyler Sage Angie


Alexis Marie Chute Healing #3
Healing #4
Healing #8
Marcus Eckhoff Beware of Dog
Marianna Hofer Artichokes
Ron Pattern Eagle Tree


Cover Art: “Farewell” by Dale Gottleib

“I’d like to thank the Bellingham Review for the opportunity to have my work on the cover for nineteen years. It’s been an honor. Thank you, Robin Hemley, for originally inviting me in, and thank you, Brenda Miller, for the past fourteen years as editor-in-chief.”


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