Announcing 2014 Contest Winners

Bellingham Review is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Literary Contests!


The Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Final Judge: Shawn Wong

First Place: Tom Howard, “Temple and Vine”

Finalists: Noelle Catharine Allen, Amina Gautier, Patricia Schultheis, Britt Tisdale

The 49th Parallel Award for Poetry

Final Judge: Kathleen Flenniken

First Place: Jackleen Holton, “Goldfish”

Finalists: Leslie Marie Aguilar, C. Wade Bentley, Cathleen Chambless, Lynn Deming, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Rebecca Foust, Jenny Grassl, Amy Greacan, Kathleen McClung, Arlene Naganawa, Nathan Renie, Tobias Wray

The Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Final Judge: Joy Castro

First Place: Michael Palmer, “A Glossary of West Texas”

Runner Up: Whitney Templeton, “Body Cavities”

Finalists: Rebecca Bald, Sonja Livingston, Jericho Parms, Allie Rowbottom, Julie Wittes Schlack, Maya Jewell Zeller

Interested in submitting to the 2015 literary contests? Click here.