Issue 68

Contents: Volume XXXVII, Issue 68

Brenda Miller Letter from the Editor

2013 Contest Winners

49th Parallel Poetry Award

Kevin Clark Judge’s Comments
Jane Satterfield Elegy with Trench Art and Asanas

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Dinah Lenney Judge’s Comments
Karen McElmurray Strange Tongues

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Marjorie Sandor Judge’s Comments
Tegan Swanson Things We Found When the Water Went Down


Shawn Fawson How to Manage Anxiety
Emily Hipchen Middle Class Pater Noster, 1974
Mary Angelino Dali’s Meditative Rose
Ariadne’s Thread
Anna Claire Hodge Royal Wedding Commemorative Mug
Leah Nielsen McGill Pain Questionnaire
Quality of Life Scale:
A Measure of Function for People with Pain
Automatic Thoughts on God and Lost Keys
Susan Rich Endless Forms, More Beautiful
Jocelyn Sears To Survive
Kathleen Spivack Stands Alone
Katharine Whitcomb Balfour
Jenna Rindo In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
John Fry Debris Field


Mark D. Baumgartner Diamonds and Rust
Rachel Hall Block Party
Julia Elliot Step Five

Creative Nonfiction

Barbara Hurd To Keep an Ear to the Ground
Patricia Brieschke Beans, Love, and Revolution
Emily Watson Securing the Shadow
Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade Word Problems
Molly Howes The Witch’s Stitch
Kate St. Vincent Vogl When Charley Comes Home


Brenda Miller “The Moon and the Tide”
with Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade


Karen Molenaar Terrell Bellingham Bay Boardwalk
Chuckanut Rocks
Man Under Boardwalk
Terry Nelson Sea Stones, Kelp
Sea Stones, Water
Sea Stones, Wood


Cover Art: I Want to Sing by Dale Gottleib
The painting was the preliminary work for a commissioned piece of art, by Linda Gardner of the Lucia Douglas Gallery, for the new Cancer Center at St. Joe’s. Of the creation process, Gottlieb says, “I found a Rumi quote, which spoke to every molecule in my being. Also at the same time, I was studying the birds of artist Charlie Harper, with whom I feel a deep connection.”

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