Issue 64

 Issue 64 cover

From the Editor

Brenda Miller

Contest Winners

The 49th Parallel Award for Poetry

 Lia Purpura Judge’s Comments
 Jennifer Militello A Dictionary of Mechanics, Memory, and Skin in the Voice of Marian Parker

The Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

 Ira Sukrungruang Judge’s Comments
 Jay Torrence Buckshot

The Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

 Adrianne Harun Judge’s Comments
 Lauri Anderson Hand, Mouth, Ring


 Melanie McCabe For Now We See in a Mirror, Too Clearly
The Story I Tell You
The Way Back
 Bethany Carlson If truth is a dream catcher, then
 Dennis Braden Against Fairy Tales
Against Rising from the Dead
 Catherine Woodard  Order of Their Living
 My Pumpkin Man
 Jody A. Zorgdrager  Glimpse
 August Afternoon ~ 2001
 Bruce Bond  In
 Amelia Martens  Arrival
 Teaching His Daughters
 Kara van de Graaf  Poem Wired with Knob-and-Tube
 The Butler’s Pantry
 Katherine Maurer  Her Mother’s Boyfriend
 Michelle Peñaloza  Letter from Mother
 Thread Rite
 Jessica Young  Used to Believe
 W. Todd Kaneko  Legacies of Camp
 Michael Schmeltzer  Blessing of Scabs
 Annah Browning  Thursday’s Child
 Winter Poem
 Catherine Pierce  Everything an Amulet or Omen
 Rich Smith  Common Decency in the Village
 Josephine Yu  Veneration of the Anxious
 Assurances to a Friend in Her Third Trimester
 Nicole Hardina  Weather
 Jennifer Perrine  Love Song with Condemned Building
 Call Me
 Molly Tustison  Every Absent Fruit
 Shannon Amidon  The Latest Spell
 Summer Ritual
 David Shattuck  A Guest
 Where Your Mother Is
 Vivian Eyre  Black Locust

Creative Nonfiction

Debra Marquart  The Other Woman
 Daisy Hernández  The Candy Dish
 Sarah Marty-Schlipf  Feet
 Rebecca McClanahan  Sublet


Paul Byall  Do You Remember Me?
 David Meischen  Crossing Over
 Patrick Hunt  Sooyoung at the Shore
 Becky Hagenston  The Afterlife


 Leah Givens  Giraffe
 Amanda White  Starfruit
 Amy Megill  Houston Abstract
 Moth White on White
 Ali Wisch  Tire Swing
 Leah Givens  Giraffe
 Amanda White  Starfruit
 Amy Megill  Houston Abstract
 Moth White on White
 Ali Wisch  Tire Swing


Manda Frederick  What a Poem Can Be: A Conversation with Robert  Wrigley