Issue 63

Short Forms Edition

Table of Contents

Letter from the Managing Editor: A note on genre

      Marilyn Bruce


Crime Show Moment

      Rosemarie Dimatteo

Raise the Empty Glass

      Lavonne J. Adams

Reading “Machines”

      Nathan E. White

A Brief Novel with No Interior Doors

      Christina Veladota

If I Sing to Your Weather It Is Because

      Christina Veladota

After the Divorce

      Steve Edwards


      Karen Dietrich


      Edwin Lyngar

The Short List of Certainties

      Lois Roma-Deeley

The Boss and the Lawn

      Ana Maria Spagna

Uncle Al

      Rochelle Hurt

Birth Certificate

      Dinah Cox

Hospital Chart

      Dinah Cox

She Rhymed with Jump, I Rhymed with Rope

      Amie Whittemore

Requiem in Laramie

      Kevin Simmonds

Game Day

      Colette Jonopulos

A Chair Inhabits a Dream

      Marcia Aldrich

New Year’s Resolutions

      Deborah Thompson

Lost Language

      Deborah Thompson

Souvenirs as Currency

      Eva Heisler


      Owen Tucker

Grand Canyon, 1956

      Anne Kaier


      Mercedes Lawry

A Gardener’s Tale

      Robert Miltner


      Michelle Menting

The Shave

      Franz Knupfer

The Game

      Cassandra Lane

Long after Dark

      Amy Billone

The End of the World

      Tawnysha Greene


      Emily Conner

Inside the Only American Goddess

      Alison Townsend

Drafting the Beast

      Joe Bonomo

Film 101: Final Exam

      Mark Wagenaar

Sunnyslope in Season

      Carrie Seymour

Santa Maria Maggiore: Seven facts, two fables, six arias, and one eyewitness account

      Sherry Simpson

Sound Out

      Jessie van Eerden

O Death

      Sarah McCartt-Jackson