Issue 63

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor
Brenda Miller

2010 Contest Winners

49th Parallel Poetry Award

When the Dazzle Isn’t Gradual
Jennifer Perrine

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Bait and Switch
Jacob M. Appel

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

An Old Man on the Frontier Loses His Horse
Angela Tung


Erinn Batykefer Love Letter with Broken Glass and Household Chemicals
The Poet’s Mother on Beauty and Etiquette
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram Inside the Face Inside the Heart Inside
I Meet My Father at the End of America
Traci Brimhall Leviathan: A Rapture
Jazzy Danziger Darkroom
Jennifer Habel Reading Goodnight Moon After News of Suicide
This Week’s Sign Asks What the Lord Requires
Christopher Howell It’s Difficult to Mean One’s Words
The Meltdown
Shane McCrae The Last Letter I Got (W. L. Bost)
Blood (Andrew Boone)
The Heart Is a Place in the Body but the Body Is Not a Place (Solomon Northup)
Gary L. McDowell Because I’ll Never Be a Gardener
I Write a Line About Orange
Janet McNally Some Other Elvis
Jennifer Perrine Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares
Laura Read Seatac
Barbara Rockman In Dreams We Are All Things
My Maternal Grammar
Patty Seyburn Direct Quotes
A Brief Overview of Vision
Bruce Snider Heat Lightning Over Tunker
Omit the Mouth that Answers
Laura Stott Dzrongri Top
In days gone by, there lived a King and a Queen…
James K. Zimmerman Cranial MRI


Creative Nonfiction

Laurie Alberts When We Get There
Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas A Catalogue of Dead Birds
Diane LeBlanc Elsewhen
Kristen Radtke Histories
Colin Rafferty Phantoms (A Correspondence)
Laura Esther Wolfson Haunting Synagogues


Nora Bonner Walk Out
Ivan Faute Brook of Kishon
Brittany Lynn Goss Missing Person: Female, Fifteen
D. Seth Horton Nightcap
A Terrible Kind of Thing
Jill Logan Your Official Guide to the Happiest Place on Earth
Midge Raymond Fire Season
Jenn Scott Heavy Winter
Norman Simon Mr. Wakamatsu


Steve Byland White-breasted Nuthatch
Minh Carrico Land Filler
Paul Ford Zorro
Havana Skylight
Chuck Graham Figueroa Mountain
Mick Klass Light Points
Geoff Peterson Ecola State Park


Christopher Nickolas Carlson “Something Unparaphrasable”: A Conversation with Christopher Howell
Carol Guess “and we/ Are visible”: Shane McCrae’s Visionary Poetics
Alex Stein and Amy Wright The Blind Turn at the End of the Will: A Correspondence