Issue 62

Volume XXXIII, Issue #62

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor
Brenda Miller

2009 Contest Winners

49th Parallel Poetry Award

All Alien Spirits Rest the Spirit
Elizabeth McLagan

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Irene Keliher

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

In the Fade
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich


Chloe Honum Ballerina, Released
Spring II
Rae Gouirand One by One
Jennifer Elmore My Lemony, Lip-Cracking Crescendo
Paulann Petersen Wax
Heather Kirn Ars Poetica
Headline: Baby Left Out in Snow Overnight
Benjamin S. Grossberg The Space Traveler and Depiliation
The Space Traveler’s Heaven
Anne Shaw Three Elegies
Fourth-Grade Foyer
Mary K. Stillwell Piano Four Hands
Ronda Broatch Little Hope Blues
What She Left on the Bookshelf of Another Room
Natasha Kochicheril Moni Somewhere the Smell of Flowering Red
Suzanne M. Levine I’d Forgotten About the Lamb
Karin Gottshall Burdock
Nina Lindsay Nest
Wendy Willis Oblation
Melissa Kwasny Talk to the Milkweed
Talk to the Great Suffering
Nathan Elijah Graham Around Here
The Farmer in This Field
Mary Ann O’Gorman Separation
Bobby C. Rogers Regarding Symbols
Christopher Howell About Flesh
Ingmar Bergman Postcard
Laura Shoemaker The Beekeeper’s Veil
Jason Tandon My Father Attends to the Death of His Father
Joanna Rose Being Fifty-Five
Tarfia Faizullah Nocturne: Car Accident
Aubade: Road Trip
Aubade: Summer, Texas

Creative Nonfiction

Nancy McCabe Can This Troubled Marriage Be Saved: A Quiz
Julie Jeanell Lueng Moon Snails
Susan Buis The Ocean Sounds Cold


Susie Wyss Names
Josh Wallaert Geography
Ingrid Satelmajer The Lecturer
L. Annette Binder Wrecking Ball
Gretchen Duggan Loneliness Creatures
Vanessa Blakeslee Mani Rosse


Stephen Zimmerman Exits
Nick Shiflet Gabe’s Grimace
Chaim Bezalel Geese
Aholaah Arzah Swingset
Maria Meneses Glacier Point