Issue 61

Volume XXXII Issue #61

From the Editor

Brenda Miller

2008 Contest Winners

49th Parallel Poetry Award

Kaveh Bassiri, Invention of God

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Lauren Smith Traore, The Widow’s Tale

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Edward O’Connell,┬áThe Hunting Horn


Carolyne Wright Eulene Dresses a Squid
Matthew Gavin Frank No Bells in Tuscola
Maureen Clark Surfacing
Lauren Smith Traore Nativity
Chris Forhan The Case Against Me
Children’s Chorus
Jesse Lee Kercheval High Water
Hadara Bar-Nadav No Sea Inside
Blind Fragment
Kelly Davio Gula
Elizabeth Bachinsky Strange Ritual
Anna Lowe My Mother’s Final Words
Forgive Me
Maya Jewell Zeller A New Kind of Romance
I Set My Alarm for 2:52, but They Had the Time Wrong for Us Out Here in the West
Patrick Carrington Bicycles
My Father Auditions for the Flying Wallendas
Rocco Lungariello The Secrecy of Death
J. Mae Barizo The Concert Review
Lux Aeterna
Rae Gouirand Above France
Kate Buckley In the Garden
Doug Sanders All Seasons None
Erinn Batykefer In O’Keefe’s From the Lake, No. 3
Elizabeth Austen Overhead, Underfoot
Where Currents Meet


Creative Nonfiction

Anisse-Marie Gross Forevertron
Mardi Link Chicken Trilogy
Ona Gritz On the Whole


Micah Nathan The Love Life of Tigers
Michael Czyzniejewski Cwm
Scott Boyan Stick Man
Margarite Landry Scene with Sea Creatures
Nicholas Maistros Miss Cindy
Katie Flynn Honeymoon
Lori Ostlund The Bigness of the World


Bridget Kameen Growth
Reaching Out
Summer Moon Scriver Defying Conventions
Providing a Human Thread
Jesse L. Young Rails & Leaves
After Hours at the Market
Gwynneth Anderson Grace Fully Reflected
Jesse Ross Oleander on Canvas No. 1