Issue 59

Volume XXX, Issue #59

Letters from the Editors

Bellingham Review Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Brenda Miller


The Origins of the Bellingham Review

Knute Skinner


Congratulations from Robin Hemley

Robin Hemley


Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Mark Wisniewski, Stricken
(Judge Clair Davis)

49th Parallel Poetry Award

Maya Pindyck, So Much Went Into
(including comments from Judge Timothy Liu)

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Madeline Sonik, Cucarachas
(including comments from Judge Dinty Moore)


Alan Michael Parker, Song Wherein the Flesh Abides
Alan Michael Parker, Jelly Jar Ode
Tara Bray, The Preparation
Joshua Auerbach, Hive
Jim Natal, Photographic Memory
Bethany Reid, Rapture
Bethany Reid, Hospital Corners
Holly J. Hughes, Painting of John Harrison
Becca Hall, To Speak This
Becca Hall, This Loam, This Levee
Becca Hall, Instructions: Angel Food Cake
Marika Ismail, Theoretical
Marika Ismail, My Sister of the Sea
Angie Hogan, Statement of Purpose: Let the Last Train Pass Me Through
Angie Hogan, Against Hydrophobia
Julie Platt, To Take the Curse Off the Fields
Mark Johnston, And Then More White
Rae Gouirand, Open Winter
Christopher Howell, At Sea
Christopher Howell, The Mysterious Courtesy of Fondness

Creative Nonfiction

Rachael Hanel, We’ll be the Last Ones to Let you Down
Brian Doyle, You Have to Find a Place for Them to Rest
E. Eastman, Modigliani and Me
Lance Larsen, The Death and Quilting Notebook
Curtis Smith, Vision and Fear
Deborah A. Lott, School Shoes
Patricia Hohl, Sidewalker


Peter Bognanni, The Pad Man Chronicles
Donna Conrad, Blazing Mama
Lindsey Crittenden, The Art of Fiction


Lee Gulyas Answers and Questions: Lee Gulyas Tries Heroically to Interview or at Least Effectively Interrupt, Just for a Second or Two, for Heaven’s Sake, the Garrulous, Chortling, Essayist Brian Doyle


David Scherrer
Hotel Bellevue, Paris
Los Angeles
Cottage, Ireland


Index of the Past 30 Years