Issue 56

Volume XXVIII, No. 2, Issue #56


From the Editor

Brenda Miller, Letter from the Editor



Fady Joudah, The Name of the Place

Fady Joudah, Anonymous Song

Matt Donovan, Guernica , First Draft

Matt Donovan, The Keeper of Hands

Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Brújula

Robyn Anspach, From Tell Me, Rachel

Allen Braden, Reversal

Allen Braden, Flight Theory

Melissa Kwasny, The Waterfall

Charity Ketz, Arboretum

Charity Ketz, Peanuts

Allan Peterson, Express Permission

Allan Peterson, Faith

Nicole Walker, Conservation of Matter

Jennifer Perrine, Because You’re No Magician

Juliet Patterson, To a Reader

Basil Cleveland, Let Faith Be Imminent

Maureen Clark, Getting it Wrong

Dana Elkun, Arrival

Diane LeBlanc, Bardo

Diane LeBlanc, Dream Therapy

Regina O’Melveny, Sampangay Tank Road

Robert McNamara, The Captive

James Doyle, RSVP from the Cannibals

DeeDee Clendenning, The Body’s Affirmation

DeeDee Clendenning, To Give Thanks

DeeDee Clendenning, Elegy

Chris Forhan, This Time

Chris Forhan, Dead End

Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Asked What He’s So Afraid Of, He Pauses



Janet Wondra, The War at Home

Albert Goldbarth, Precious Things

Deborah A. Lott, Photo: Glen Haven Asylum, 1969

Julie Danho, As Coffee



Anthony Varallo, The Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg

Christine Byl, Deep Enough for Drowning

Lynn Knight, La Familia de las Momias



Anne Greenfield, Grasping the Natural: A Conversation with Gary Snyder

Caroline Van Hemert and Elizabeth J. Colen, “Exquisitely Interconnected”: An Interview with David Suzuki

Jan Richards, Grounded in the Earth: A Conversation with Gretel Ehrlich