Issue 54

Volume XXVII, No. 1&2, Issue #54

This special issue of the Bellingham Review is dedicated to the memory of

Deborah Wilkinson
Creative Nonfiction Editor, 2002-2003

We’ll always remember Deborah’s smile, her good humor, and her passion for the art of creative nonfiction.


From the Editor

Brenda Miller, Letter from the Editor


Contest Winners

Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Kim Barnes, Judge’s Comments

Jill Sisson Quinn, Subimago

49th Parallel Poetry Award

Robert Wrigley, Judge’s Comments

Simone Muench, Window

Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction

Rebecca Brown, Judge’s Comments

Natalie Serber, A Whole Weekend of My Life



Martha Silano, Ingredients

Martha Silano, His Favorite Color is Green

Veronica Patterson, Clown of Light

Melissa Kwansny, Sleep Comes from the Flowers

Clint McCown, Advice from the Previous Century

Susanna Childress, Alphas, Omegas

Albert Goldbarth, Anthro

Albert Goldbarth, Some Leaves from the Permission Tree

Cole Swensen, What the Ventriloquists Invented

Cole SwensenThe Origin of Ombres Chinoises

Cole Swensen, The Discovery of Bologna Stone

Cole Swensen, The Hand as Origami

Lucia Perillo, Scar or Rot

Lucia Perillo, Bulletin from Somewhere Up the Creek

Lucia Perillo, On the Chehalis River

Steve Myers, After the Bamiyan Desecrations

Rebecca D’Alise, Eight Year Vendetta with Luminosity

Rebecca D’AliseWhen We Forgive the Dying

Julie Sophia Paegle, Ovum

Julie Sophia Paegle, Chrysalis

Julie Sophia Paegle, Imago

Julie Sophia Paegle, Boys Choir

Elizabeth McLagan, Once More with Feeling

Elizabeth McLagan, River Bottom

Connie Voisine, The End of Flesh

Connie Voisine, Post Card from Fougax-et-Barrineuf



Amalia Gladhart, Globe Oranges

Sue Fagalde Lick, The Day Father Jose Lost His Voice

Guy A. Marco, What You Are About to Say



Connor Geraghty, “A Bridge Between Human Beings”: A Conversation with Russel Banks

Jessie Harriman, “Come Over Here from Over There, Girl”

Forrest Gander, Cole Swensen, Ventriloquist

Lee Gulyas, “The Backroads of Metaphor”: An Interview with Lucia Perillo

Lucia Perillo, A Note on the Run: Bardo

Aaron LaDuke, “Part and Parcel of the Modern World”: An Interview with Michael Collins



Manuel Cesar Solis, Jr., Four Photographs

Scott Chambers, Bardo