Issue 53

Volume XXVI, No. 2, Issue #53


From the Editor

Brenda Miller, Letter from the Editor



Rebecca Black, Showing #5

Rebecca Black, Vacation

Joel Long, Customs

Joel Long, The Secrets of Refrigeration

Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Blown Glass

David Roderick, The Point

Jacqueline Lyons, Selections from Lost Colony

A.F. Thomas, Divining the Shore

M.S. Eisele, My Imaginary Sister Gets Married

Daneen Wardrop, Conversation

Laura Weaver, X-Ray

Chris Forhan, Quiet Hours

Chris Forhan, Erasure

Rae Gouirand, The Rape of Chloris in Two Octaves

Christine Deavel, Nine Months After

Paisley Rekdal, Strawberry

Kathryn St. Thomas, In My Dream of the Piano Underwater

G.C. Waldrep, Nine West Clay

G.C. Waldrep, Wedge



Brian Leung, Drawings by Andrew Warhol

June Unjoo Yang, Revival


Creative Nonfiction

Ann Veronica Simon, Some Plainclothes Dream Cop: Aphorisms on Either Side of Sleep


AWP Awards


Barbara Darcey, Reportage: In the Morning Where I Am

Simone Muench, Robert Desnos and the Hummingbird


Rebecca Kanner, Thieves

Creative Nonfiction

Jocelyn McCarthy, The Guardian of All Things