Issue 50

Volume XXV, No. 1, Issue #50

From the Editor

Brenda Miller, The Rites of Winter


Creative Nonfiction Award

Bernard Cooper , Judge’s Comments

1st Place Winner: Jocelyn Bartkevicius, The End of the World of Men

2nd Place Winner: Julia Moris-Hartley, Fed for Life

Poetry Award

David Lee, Judge’s Comments

1st Place Winner: Don Judson, Fieldguide

2nd Place Winner: Ryan G. Van Cleave, Dear Theodore Roethke

3rd Place Winner: Joshua Poteat, Documenting the Birds: Ofice Park

Fiction Award

Lan Samantha Chang, Judge’s Comments

1st Place Winner: John Tait, Heavy Metal Love

2nd Place Winner: Kristi Gedeon, In Her Shoes, I Would



Robert Loftin, The Seven Wonders of The World: An Interview with John D’Agata



Carol Howell, Redemption, Or Pidyon-ha-Ben Rides Again

Vickey Jang, The Accident Channel



Ray Gonzalez, Buy It Anywhere



Joshua Corey, Selah

Stuart Lishan, Paolo and Francesca

Joy Katz, A Nation So Ignorant of Itself

Joy Katz, Still Life

Jennifer Martelli, After God

Simone Muench, The Laws of Stardust and Stars

Christopher Davis, Tchaikovsky as the Water of Winter

Melissa Kwasny, Tabacco

Katherine Soniat, Spit

Linda Tomol Pennisi, Reddening the Moon

Linda Tomol Pennisi, Any Weather

Jennifer Tonge, Sixteen Ways to Say The Soul