Issue 51

Volume XXV, No. 2, Issue #51

From the Editor

Brenda Miller, There’s No Place Like Home



Nancy Pagh, After I Die

Beth Bentley, Dungeness Spit

Allen Braden, Revision

Paul Piper, Beyond Beauty

Linda Bierds, Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice

Derek Sheffield, Her Story in History

James Bertolino, Stew

Tarisa Matsumoto, Kindling

Tarisa Matsumoto, Year of the Rat

Gary Geddes, Skara Brae

Susan Stenson, When You Ask for Birds

Victoria M. Larson, She Was of the Faith

Duane Niatum, Wing of Blue Notes

Brendan Corcoran, The Paddock

Michael Strelow, Apocalypse

Susan Rich, Flight Path

Judith H. Montgomery, Feathers

Peggy Shumaker, Swans, Where We Don’t Expect Them

Sheila Bender, A New Theology



Robert Hodgson Van Wagoner, Swin

Rebecca Brown, Afraid of the Dark



Mary Camp, Photographs



Marcus Slease and Jennifer Whetham, “The Grand Outline”: An Interview with Linda Bierds

Blake Hausman and Athena Stevens, Blurring the Boundaries: A Conversation with Rebecca Brown


AWP Award for Creative Nonfiction

A.J. Mell, The Courage of Despair


AWP Award for Poetry

Shannon Gibney, What Happened

Susanna Childress, Paisano, n.


AWP Award for Fiction

Lisa Albers, Birdy



Meg Leder, Body Mosaic



Margot Singer, three words, eight letters



Amy Newman, -fall under. to succumb to; come under an influence or power.

Darcy Shargo, My Father Waking

Darcy Shargo, Making the Harp