Issue 47

Volume XXIII, No. 1, Issue #47



Frank X. Gaspar, Tacitus Considers a Poem in My Garden Late at Night

Juan Sebstian Agudelo, Miracles

Claudia Keelan, Temporal

Albert Goldbarth, A Conjugal Beauty

Albert Goldbarth, Too Much Use

Joseph Green, Postcoitus Treatise

Daniel Tobin, Vessel: Pleroma

Daniel Tobin, Vessel: Mythos

Jane Satterfield, Fugue

Kevin Cantwell, The Summer I Didn’t Love You Anymore

Kevin Cantwell, Aspects of the Lyric According to Dido

Rynn Willimas, Upon Hearing That Nancy Has Cancer

Allan Peterson, Forecast



Karen Brennan, Island Time

Delta B. Horne, Postcards from Portland

Anne Panning, Past the Bowling Alley: Stories of Place and Curve

Kathleen Veslany, Work of My Family



Georgann Eubanks, Metronome

Marc Kipniss, How to Get Along with People

Stephanie Rosenfeld, Company Forming (Recipe For Lime Curd

Joan Frank, What Winter Brings


AWP Intro Awards

Brandon Rauch, Boomerang

Michelle Roop, The Accident

Jennifer Dickie, Egypt

Wendy Rawlings, Batcatching