Issue 46

Volume XXII, No. 2, Issue #46


Tobias Wolff Award

Julia Glass, Coat of Many Colors

49th Parallel Poetry Award

Robert A Troyer, City in Triptych

Annie Dillard Nonfiction Award

Donna Steiner, Sleeping with Alcohol


A.W.P. Intro Awards

Brian Blanchfield, The Weremen

Megan Rhode, On Modeling Nude for Art Class

Erin Teegarden, ((formatted to fit your screen – circa 1956))

Anne Egger, I just wana be Latina

Alyssa Gabbay, Loukijan



Timothy Liu, Word of Mouth



Peter Parsons, Cemeteries

August Tarrier, 33 Swoonings



Kathleen McGookey, Psyche and Cupid

Reginald Shepherd, Sperm Kit

Reginald Shepherd, Photogram: Submerged Rocks

Eleanor Wilner, Multiple Image, Retro-Girlhood ’40s Style

Eleanor Wilner, No High Ground

Eleanor Wilner, Winter Conception

Eleanor Wilner, Attic Light

Eleanor Wilner, Last Portrait, as Rembrandt, For Instance

Marjorie Stelmach, Baptism

Naomi Myrvaagnes, Rembrandt: “Landscape with the 86 Rest on the Flight into Egypt”

Cindra Halm, The Grove which Lives between Matter and Wander: The Heart