Issue 45

Volume XXII, No. 1, Issue #45


Nonfiction Symposium

Suzanne Paola, Introduction

Michael Steinberg, On Nonpoetry

Tom Andrews, Memoir Mon Amour

Robin Hemley, A Distorting Vision



Brenda Hillman, Keelan’s “City”



Marcus Cafagna, Out on Bail

Marcus Cafagna, Ypsilanti State

Claudia Keelan, Bluff City

Christopher Davis, Your Lonesome American

Kathryn Rhett, Night

Mark Jarman, Unholy Sonnet

Mark Jarman, Unholy Sonnet

Timothy Liu, Remote Control

Timothy Liu, Reading Sappho

Paula McLain, Any Minor World

Dean Young, Original Puposeless

Dean Young, Cotton in the Pill Bottle

Eric Pankey, On the Wapsipinicon



Alix Ohlin, You Are Here

Martha Brenner, Children of Chelm

Manjushree Thapa, American Heritage



Bruce Beasley, Charles Wright: Appalachia.

Ted O’Callahan, Gustaf Sobin: Towards the Blanched Alphabets.