Issue 44

Volume XXI, No. 2, Issue #44


Annie Dillard Award

Marie Nasta, Nice Men

Tobias Wolff Award

Erika Mikkalo, Throwing Stones



Brenda Miller, Season of the Body



Albert Goldbarth, The Branch

Albert Goldbarth, Protein

Albert Goldbarth, The new guidelines will at least send students to outside sources, so we won’t keep getting essays on “My Car.”

Charles Wright, Citronella

Laurence Lieberman, Notes From the Synagogue Museum

Alice Jones, Terminus

Reginald Shepherd, The Milky Way

Deborah Woodard, Plato’s Bad Horse

Mathew Cooperman, s c a n s i o n

Berry Silesky, Archeology

Bryan D. Dietrich, Lex Luthor’s Complaint: Through a Glass, Darkly

Ronald Wallace, The Workshop Poem

Joe Bonomo, Dimensions the Past Takes

John Matthias, Mr. Ruskin and the Violet

Claudia Keelan, Nuptial

Claudia Keelan, My Twentieth Century

Frank X. Gaspar, What Good Are the Stars

Frank X. Gaspar, A Spell Against Ruin

Patty Seyburn, Stone Notes



Michael Martone, The Sex Lives of the Fantastic Four

Pamela Erens, Hamburgers. Ketchup. Chaos. Emptiness.



C. Leiren Mower, Brenda Hillman: Loose Sugar