Issue 43

Volume XXI, No. 1, Issue #43


49th Parallel Award

Suzanne Wise, Autobiography



Rebecca McClanahan, Considering the Lilies

Kathleen Tyau, The Rain, Half Falling



Lucia Perillo, Nixon, Coma

Lucia Perillo, In Light of the Absent Constant

Eric Pankey, Sacred and Profane Love

Daniel Tobin, Myth of the Flood

Bryan D. Dietrich, The Believer

Julie Herrick White, My Mother and Dan Rather

Noel Duffy, The Beekeeper to His Assistant

Tricia Nagy, The Art of Fire

Gary Duehr, Sonata



Catherine Ryan Hyde, Breakage

Steven Almond, Soft Machines

Leslee Becker, Striking

Jery Saviano, Personality Cult



John Hoppenthaler, William Heyen: Diana, Charles, & the Queen

Gary Scott, Dinty W. Moore: The Accidental Buddhist

Gary Scott, Jorie Graham: The Errancy