Issue 42

Volume XX, No. 2, Issue #42


Editor’s Notes

Robin Hemley

49th Parallel Award

George O’Connell, Evening Cremations

Tobias Wolff Award

Susan Williams, Maggie

Annie Dillard Award

Elmar Lueth, Houses



Billy Collins, The Secret Game of Poetry

Brenda Bell, Ollie May

Kim Todd, Starling



Roz Spafford, Equation

Susan Kolodny, Brontosaurus Mechanicus

George O’Connell, MRI

Jane Mead, from Several Scenes in Search of the Same Explosion

Reginald Shepherd, Invisible

Reginald Shepherd, Primavera

Jennifer Atkinson, St. Veronica’s Day

Billy Collins, Glass

Billy Collins, By the Strait of Jaun de Fuca

Lisa Russ Spaar, Creche



David Borofka, Nessun Dorma



Misti Williams, Keith Abbott: The First Thing Coming