Issue 41

Volume XX, No. 1, Issue #41



Rebecca McClanahan, Building the Tower

Jerome McGann, from Sight to Shenandoah

Susan Pointon , Witch

Meghan Daum, Variations on Grief



Al Maginnes, The Currency of Where We’ve Been

John Koethe, The Interior of the Future

Charles Bernstein, Shenandoah

Leslie Scalapino & Lyn Hejinian, from Sight

Gary Soto, Practicing Eulogies

Nance Van Winckel, The Short-Term Self

Nance Van Winckel, We Hopped the Fence and Kept on Walking

Gerry La Femina, Braille Manuscript

Albert Goldbarth, Languagely

Albert Goldbarth, In the Bar in the Bar

Timothy Liu, from A Fin De Siecle Baedeker

Elton Glaser, Homage To John Ashbery

Gery Dueher, Mid-August

Daniel Tobin, Departures



Robin Parks, Identifying Marks

Lee Upton, The Niceos

Sharon Solwitz, The Color of the Sky Just Before Sunset